Can Netflix Restore The Snyderverse


I’m a big fan of Zack Snyder’s DCEU and the other filmmakers’ movies arising from his original setup, and I’d love to see Snyder get a chance to finish his DC plans.  I don’t support the angry movement calling for the firing or boycotts of upcoming DC projects. I’m excited to have James Gunn writing a new Superman movie, and I’m eager to see what Gunn and Safran have in store for a new era of DC movies.

If there’s a possible way to get Snyder’s vision completed, in a way that’s actually positive for DC Studios and alongside the new films, I believe it’s worth talking about. Can Netflix Restore The Snyderverse?

This latest #SellZSJLtoNetflix and #SellSnyderversetoNetflix hashtag trend is an evolution of the “Snyderverse” and “Snydercut” movement born in 2017. The new movement adapts to the fact Warner Bros. Discovery’s newly created DC Studios is moving on from previous iterations of the DCEU under the leadership of co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran.

There will be no return to the vision and plans for the DCEU, which included Man of SteelBatman v SupermanSuicide SquadWonder Woman, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League (in place of the theatrical cut of Justice League). For now, those who want a continuation of Snyder’s original multi-film arc plans will not get it from DC Studio’s upcoming future films.

Snyder had already moved on to original projects I was more interested in seeing him complete, while the DCEU was already settling into a new phase that either needed to be allowed to proceed or just ended completely instead of more tinkering and yet another “course correction. Also, Henry Cavill was officially done playing Superman and Patty Jenkins’ plans for Wonder Woman 3 were canceled. The fans exploded in outrage and spawned a whole new set of hashtags and revived the #RestoreTheSnyderverse hashtag.  Can Netflix Restore The Snyderverse?

Now with a multi-year plan to reestablish the DC franchises and a new path for the future and build something that can stand alongside the success and acclaim of Marvel Studio’s MCU. Some fans have also finally internalized the fact that a new DCEU will be created. 

It’s possible that WBD could license a singular set of stories and plans at Netflix. But if WBD announces an intent to offer this opportunity to Netflix, it instantly “meets” the demands of the fanbase and puts the ball in the court of another studio. If Netflix is uninterested, then WBD can point out it’s not its own fault that it’s not going forward. Can Netflix Restore The Snyderverse?

If Netflix buys the license to make Snyderverse continuation films and miniseries, it would be exclusively on Netflix and wouldn’t compete with anything DC Studios is releasing in theaters.  The success or failure of a separate set of Netflix movies isn’t going to affect the success or failure of DC Studios’ theatrical releases or other DC series on HBO Max and elsewhere. Can Netflix Restore The Snyderverse?

Netflix is probably unlikely to spend the money necessary to bring back the original Snyderverse cast for live-action big-budget movies, and WBD is unlikely to agree to let another studio make big-budget live-action DC films regardless of my arguments for why it wouldn’t really hurt DC Studio’s own plans. It’s more likely that all of the original cast could return to voice their characters, and for more affordable costs, than trying to wrangle them all again for multiple long productions in live-action. To really see this all done in the next few/several years, and to fit within everyone’s schedules at this point, I strongly suspect animation fits far better and has greater odds of success in these regards.

If WBD were on board, then this all depends on Netflix and Snyder liking the idea and agreeing to those conditions — most importantly, probably, the animation approach instead of live-action. But I think if WBD made the offer and at least some of the original cast were up to return for voicing their character.

I think this idea I’ve laid out here seems to fit the bill as a reasonable and acceptable approach, and frankly, I don’t see any serious chance of the Snyderverse continuing any other way. And if it’s not done soon, then too much time will pass and it will fade as even hypothetical options.

Who knows if Netflix restore the Snyderverse?

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